Monday, 7 February 2011

Tidy Me Happy!

Our dining room is small, and it also has to double as a laundry room, playing-at-the-table room and route to the stairs. Stairs mean potential storage space underneath, and we certainly need to make use of every corner and cubby hole we've got, but a cupboard there would make the room look even smaller. Instead, I came up with this.
{Before and After template by Paint the Moon}

The table has adjustable legs it's tall enough to fit over the tumble dryer, and the man of the household came up with the idea of attaching my home-made fabric screens using dowling rods supported by hooks so they can come off easily too. Shelves, table and fabric are all from Ikea. It's a nice bright room as it gets the morning sun, and it makes me so happy to see colourful pretty things in that space, instead of the mess that always seemed to accumulate there!

I just need a new phone now. One of these Trim phones would do nicely.

{Image credit: Retrowow}
But the question is: which colour?


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