Sunday, 22 May 2011

From an English country garden

Today was an event I really look forward to each year - the day the owner of this beautiful house opens its gardens to the public.
For a few hours we got the opportunity to explore the formal gardens and beautiful woodland walk, enjoying the flowers and trees in their full glory.


I decided last year that I wanted to sew dresses for the girls for this year's open day, and although I left it to the last minute, I just got a couple of simple little frocks done in time.
For El I made this sundress from Carefree Clothes for Girls, my first attempt at clothes from this book. I really enjoyed making it. I was worried, based on the photo in the book, that it might be cut a little low and loose at the front, so I changed the front to a round neckline rather than square.
I used a tie at the back instead of a button, to allow for a little adjustment and avoid hair getting caught up.

For Kiki, I used this ruffle shirt pattern by Heidi and Finn and added a couple of inches to make it into a dress.

This is the only photo I have of her wearing it - a rare moment of stillness between bouts of running around as fast as her little legs could carry her.

Contrary to the impression the photos above might give, the weather was very changeable today, with showers, lots of cloud and a very strong wind that shimmered through the meadow grass quite beautifully. Not the easiest thing to photograph!


Sachiko said...

How pretty! Thank you for visiting my link party and sharing your creation with us!

Liz P said...

Oh my goodness! That place is just gorgeous! And those photos of your girls are precious! Love the dresses too, Anne!

I may have to beg you to make a dress for my wee niece! She turns one tomorrow, and I'm at a loss of original pretty gifts to get her!

Hope you're well, sweetie!

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