Monday, 30 April 2012

Raspberry ripple chevron picnic mat

I thought I was immune to the chevron craze, but this post over at Treefall Design finally gave me a hankering after something (anything!) chevron-y. With no chevron fabric in stock at any of my favourite online fabric shops I headed off to Ikea for stripy fabric with the idea that I could make my own. Of course, I was far from the first to have that very idea. Dana from MADE has a great tutorial on how to do it, and if the yellow fabric had been in stock in my local Ikea I think I would have ended up making exactly the same cushion. However all I could get my hands on was a much wider cerise and white stripe. I pieced it without much of an idea about what to make with the resulting patchwork fabric, thinking perhaps of a large tote or beach bag, but when it was done it cried out to be laid flat. I settled on a small picnic mat, using some leftover polyester for a waterproof backing as I did for the one I made last year. It was surprisingly fun to put together, and I can't look at the finished mat without thinking of raspberry ripple ice cream! I think I'd like to make a few more of these.


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