Monday, 3 January 2011

More Star Wars dolls: Obi-Wan and Anakin

My Big Epic (Christmas) Project™ was to make two more felt dolls to add to El's growing Star Wars doll collection. I drew up my own patterns because I wanted to avoid button-jointed legs, and change the shape of the torso, shoulders and face.

I was a bit anxious about getting Obi-Wan's beard and moustache right, but I'm really pleased with how he turned out!

The doll bodies are made with 100% wool felt from here (a shop with such gorgeous natural toys it was a struggle not to spend a fortune there), and the tunics are made from repurposed maternity t-shirts(!) making them very soft and cuddly. They were revealed on Christmas morning to giggles of delight and currently split their time between El's bed and Kiki's new pram.


Luci89chan said...

I love them! I wonder if you could share the pattern or give me some directions on how you did them, because I want to do a male felt doll but I can't find patterns anywhere! >_<

Anne said...

Thanks for the comment, I had the same problem! I don't have the pattern pieces to hand but the starting point was a free felt doll tutorial on I widened the torso and simplified the legs (flattening the bottom of the torso and sewing them directly onto the bottom rather than using button joints at the hips). I'll come back later and post the link. You could also look at gingermelondolls, I think she had a free felt doll pattern a while back.

Luci89chan said...

Thanks so much for your answer! :) I think I'll try that way, I've checked the tutorial on and it helps a lot, now I think the most difficult thing is going to be doing the hair wig >_<

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