Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happy Spring!

I've been meaning to make blouses/tunics for the girls in quilting fabric ever since last summer, and finally got around to it this past week. I used the Leila & Ben Sweet Little Dress pattern, cut a little shorter. Ki's dress has sleeves made from recycled t-shirt fabric for comfort, since the elastication of the neck and sleeves seems to roughen even the softest woven cotton. I added elastic at the front of each bodice to give a bit of an empire waist and a nice flair to the skirt.

The bottom part of El's blouse is pale blue linen, and I particularly like that colour combined with those of the Amy Butler print - they're the colours of dawn on the sunny spring days that we've been experiencing, and delighting in.

(With the obligatory accompanying creases, tangled hair and saggy leggings! Mini Boden we are not.)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Crayon rolls

This might be my favourite sewing project to date. It ticks all the boxes: quick to make, relatively straightforward to sew (so long as you don't get distracted by the radio and sew forget to leave yourself a gap to turn the thing the right way out - but I wouldn't be silly enough to do that, would I? :D ). The results are both pretty and extremely practical. Especially for Ki, who spends as much time playing with the crayons as drawing with them.

Don't they look sweet wrapped up like that? Tutorials for making these are all over the place. I followed instructions here, and took inspiration from the felt pencil roll in this book.

I think I might need to make another one for my stash of beloved Karisma pencils. I only found out the other day that they are no longer made, which is so sad because they are by far the best colour pencils I've ever come across for pigment intensity and blendability. As Miss E said, "look Mama, the yellow isn't invisible!"

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Photo Friday/This Moment

A little early this week, to make up for the missing last week.

Inspired by Soulemama's {this moment}, and doubly-inspired, in fact, since Ki's little pullover was my first knitting project in a very long time. The pattern is the "toddler-t-shirt-vest" by Sam Lamb, free from Ravelry here.

We're enjoying our quiet morning drawing time at the table, especially on a sunny morning, and when our room is filled with the scent of these:

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