Thursday, 3 March 2011

Photo Friday/This Moment

A little early this week, to make up for the missing last week.

Inspired by Soulemama's {this moment}, and doubly-inspired, in fact, since Ki's little pullover was my first knitting project in a very long time. The pattern is the "toddler-t-shirt-vest" by Sam Lamb, free from Ravelry here.

We're enjoying our quiet morning drawing time at the table, especially on a sunny morning, and when our room is filled with the scent of these:


Liz P said...

Beautiful! She is such a gorgeous little girl! And great pics Anne!

So, a friend of mine made these little scrunchie type things with little faces and ears and one even had claws like a lobster, that you can put around your lens to get kids to look at you. They are so cute! I think with your crafting abilities, you could probably come up with some to get your little one to look at you. Not that think you need one, but I thought would share the idea.

I hope you're doing good, sweetie!

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