Sunday, 3 April 2011

Funny faces

I just thought I'd share this little art activity my 4-year-old has enjoyed recently. I usually leave her to it when it comes to art as she's quite happy with paper and pencils and crayons, and always has strong opinions about exactly what she wants to do and how she's going to do it. But the other day we were talking about emotions and how to draw them, and I thought of this.

To get her started, I drew 6 ovals on a piece of paper, and added very simple eyes and a nose to each.

Then I gave her the bathroom mirror and asked her to try an expression (angry was a good one) and look at her mouth (open, closed, smiling, straight etc.) and eyebrows (low, high, curved, straight, sloping, etc). After we'd talked a little about what they looked like, I left her to have a go at drawing them.

Cue one happy, occupied child and one highly entertained mother!

She was really pleased with the drawings she produced.


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