Friday, 29 April 2011

The final shirt (and another!)

In the end I wasn't too happy with just the stencilled Union flag for El's shirt, so I made another print with a further stencil of three hearts and a crown (which I drew by hand) on top. I appliqued the final design to a white t-shirt , added some off-cuts of knit fabric as bunting around the shoulders, and she was ready to go.

I loved the look of the bunting so much, I decided to make a shirt for Kiki too, using an old white hand-me-down t-shirt that was getting a little short on her. I added a couple of ruffles at the bottom and a string of bunting made from more offcuts and some ribbon.
I didn't have interfacing to iron on to the back of the triangles to stop them curling up so I had to sew them in place. I think I might make more in other colour combinations as I have a lot of fabric scraps and old t-shirts to use up!

As for the wedding itself, I loved Kate's dress, and those trees in the Abbey. The girls were not terribly impressed (neither of them are really the princess type, except for princesses who fight baddies and fly on spaceships). But they did approve of the mini Victoria sponge cakes and strawberries we had at tea time. And Daddy's home made bread.


Dannyelle said...

Just discovered your blog and I love it, I'm your newest follower. I too made a big deal out of the wedding and my little girls we're too into it either, except for the food! Check out my Royal's viewing party, which began 5 am our time!
Dannyelle @

Cheryl said...

I've just found you via One Pretty Thing. Love the T-shirts. Your girls look beautiful in them - in a chasing spaceship kind of way, of course.

Totally agree with you about Kate's dress and the trees were such a lovely touch. Showcased the best of British.

Anne said...

Wow, you did a great job! Thanks for following me, I added you back. :)

Anne said...

Thank you! What a lovely blog you have - I added you back. :)

Sachiko said...

How cute!! I love the banner shirt. Thank you for linking!

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